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Airline ticketing

At Holidays Link, we acknowledge the fact that customer needs change faster in our progressive world, and we are ever alert to the rapidly evolving needs of the modern traveler. That explains why Holidays Link offers its thoroughly professional and highly dependable ticketing services to destinations throughout the world, on an enviable list of trusted airline partners. Check the advantages for yourself. We are a proud member of IATA (through our head office in Dubai) and we pride ourselves on our trusted team of multilingual agents who are always at your service, at any time. Holidays Link offers special fares for VIPs, corporate entities, groups and individual travelers. And all this while accessing the latest technology in reservation tracking and ticketing.


Holidays Link ensures that you get the kind of accommodation that best meets your needs, whether you are on a world tour, jet-setting with the best, or speeding to a business deal that has a premium on time. The deal? You donít have to put up with any fuss or frustration anywhere. If there is anything you will put up, it will be your feet, completely relaxed. That is because Holidays Link reserves world class accommodations for you from hospitality and hotel partners who match up to our high standards. The result is that you can be sure of the best in comfort at the most favorable terms. Whether it is a picturesque palace that you are looking for or a budget-specific accommodation, trust us to find exactly what you have in mind. With us, you can be sure to find the finest properties worldwide, from grand hotels and luxury resorts, to serene and scenic hideaways where you can discover complete peace and privacy.


For those who enjoy travelling with a group or as an extended family, Holidays Link brings a whole new world of exciting tour packages to any destination that your collective hearts desire. Whether it is a jaunt across a city to admire its landmarks, shop for its best bargains and visit places of interest, or a nature trail escape, we have it all ready and waiting for you. In any city, in any country, at any time of the year, in any way that you desire. Just ask our friendly tour planners and you will be amazed at how easy it is to tailor-make a tour package so efficiently.

Holiday Packages

Holidays Link has mastered the complex art of vacation planning, down to the finest detail. If your heartís desire swings between exploring a forgotten era in an ancient kingdom, venturing out on an African safari, or lazing on an exotic island in the middle of nowhere, you can be sure that we can get you there and back, loaded with happy memories. Whatever you choose can be customized to fit time frames, budgets and group size, all in ways that you never dreamed possible. Just call us and you will see how easy it is to perfect your vacation plan, in hardly any time.

Ground Handling

From the enthusiastic welcomes at touchdown to the wistful farewells at take off, we make certain that your stay in any destination is an enchanting, fulfilling and completely satisfying experience. We also ensure that it is made possible with minimum fuss. We provide complete visa issuance assistance, meet-and-assist services to most airports worldwide, limousine transfers, easy check-in to hotels, chauffeur-driven transport and much more.

Event Organizing

For corporate requirements or large community events, Holidays Link provides complete assistance from strategy planning to logistics support for events and programmers. We also help with venue selection, event scheduling, organizing transportation and accommodation for delegates, support staff and on-site logistics.

However complex your needs may be for the event that you seek our help to plan, and whatever the size of the delegations that you will be hosting, Holiday Link has the width of expertise and the depth of experience to make your event a complete success. So, whether it is a local training event, an important exhibition, launch of a new product; or a cost-effective incentive tour for corporate staff, we will attend to even the tiniest detail with the utmost care.


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